URGENT ANNOUNCEMENT + Terror Paradise Chapter 19

As you guys know, Terror Paradise has had an irregular schedule. Part of the reason is that I have trouble finding editors and that’s a big problem because I have to find the proofreaders from my scanlation group. While they have been really helpful and have been doing the editing for most of the chapters up till now, most of them don’t have the passion nor the time to familiarise themselves with the series and because of that, they have been gradually losing interest in editing the chapters for me.

I have made a recruitment post in reddit, but after all that, I have only gotten 1 response which eventually fizzled out. Therefore, I am making this post as a last resort. As a perfectionist and a reader myself, it really irks me when something I read has terrible grammar and awkward sentence structure and I want to make sure that this doesn’t happen to the amazing work that I am working on.

The requirements itself is pretty simple:

  • You need to have a good command of English, doesn’t matter whether if you’re a native speaker or not, just that.
  • You need to have a interest in the novel. This is pretty self explanatory, you will be more willing to edit when you are interested to see how it ends.

  • You need to have enough time for this, preferably 3 – 4 hours a week or so as there might be some contents that we may have to go through together.

  • I prefer to use skype while doing chapters but I don’t mind if you want me to use some other type of instant messaging software.

If you think you can do it, send me an email at animetelebi@gmail.com with your name, your timezone, the amount of hours you can spend on editing and which method of communication you are comfortable with.

I will be pretty honest here guys, this problem has been stressing me out for a while now and it really kills my motivation to put more chapters out, as I have to look for a decent editor that’s willing to spend both the time and effort to actually find the time to edit my translation, while at the same time find a next one for the next chapter.

If there’s still no editors at the end of June, I might have to drop this project for good.

Before I go, here’s chapter 19of Terror Paradise.

PS: Thanks for the kind support that you guys have given me! Within a few days of this post, I have gotten a ton of response from people that’s willing to help me out in editing this wonderful web novel. I am happy to say that I will be continuing my quest to bring you guys more chapters of Terror Paradise!

2 thoughts on “URGENT ANNOUNCEMENT + Terror Paradise Chapter 19”

  1. I think the reason why not many people signed up for long…well, irregular releases and monthly release are too slow to, REALLY, engage the audience. Even if the story, I must say, is great if the releases are far and few between, how can people follow it (maybe except for niche crowds)?

    Usually most translation groups tend to do 3/wk (free) and then you can qualify for donations…(this is a matter of principles). Anyway I can…ish edit, but be warned, I’m a grammar nazi (& perfectionist too).

    1. 3 per week sounds like a good idea in theory, though it’s not feasible in my case since I have my real life job on top of translating. Engaging the audience is one thing, however, this is more of a hobby for me than a full time job.(Keep in mind that before this whole donation thing started, people were doing 2 chapters per month) If people are dropping this novel because of that, sadly, there’s nothing I can do.

      As for editing, I am still sorting out the applications earlier, if you don’t mind, I can put you on the waiting list and we can see where it leads us. Thanks for the interest!

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