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Unexpectedly, the blood corpse still did not fall after sustaining such severe injuries. It raised its arm and grabbed Wang Tanzhi.

At that moment, everyone there had the same two thoughts in their mind. First thought: The inside of the monster’s brain were probably paste to begin with. Second thought: Wang Tanzhi was probably going to meet his end here.

Bang! Another gunshot rang.

Feng Bujue’s actions were as quick as his thoughts; moreover, the actions were considerably calm and efficient. At that moment, he appeared two meters away from the side of the blood corpse and raised his gun, aimed and fired towards its head. As they were very close to each other, the bullet went through and penetrated the blood corpse’s brain. A puddle of mysterious liquid began to spray outwards, leaving its skull along with the bullet.

With the actions of the blood corpse finally at a stop, Wang Tanzhi quickly broke away from its clamp and jumped away through its shoulder.

Feng Bujue, however, went to the front of the blood corpse and aimed at the center of the monster’s eyebrows with his gun. “Interesting. It seems like the back of its brain is useless.” Before his voice had completely died away, he had fired another shot and the bullet pierced through the blood corpse’s forehead. This time around, it did not even release a roar and had completely lost the ability to react.

“Hmm…I got it now. This guy is accustomed to clinging to a target that has a high offensive power, thus it’s easy for it to encounter attacks that come from behind. Even though the head is unquestionably its weakest point, the system had intentionally placed its deadly critical point in the front and gave it high offensive power and health points as characteristics…” The blood corpse had collapsed while Feng Bujue was speaking. In fact, to him killing the monster wasn’t important; what was more important was knowing how to efficiently kill those type of monsters.

At that point, Long Aomin had finally come to his senses. He could still stand and walk but the color on his face looked pretty bad. Although the others were unaware of exactly how many health points he had remaining, they understood in their hearts that his condition was pretty bad…

The health points that Wang Tanzhi lost compared to Long Aomin were not worth mentioning. Naturally, with his health points in mind, even if he were to take a punch from the blood corpse while having 90% health, there’s a chance that he would be immediately done for.

Just when everyone thought that the small boss had been defeated and that they could catch their breath, darkness descended once again and various noises began to ring in their ears once more. Some of their terror values soared and they couldn’t help but harbor a thought in their mind: What should we do if the blood corpse on the ground gets up again and becomes stronger?
The darkness was similar to the previous one, and, a few seconds later, the darkness had dispersed; it came and went in a hurry. Feng Bujue had already re-lifted his gun and vigilantly aimed it at the head of the blood corpse on the ground. However, the corpse had no reactions and looked like it was thoroughly dead.

“So it seems… this should be, without a doubt, the second option from the three I had spoken about before. Feng Bujue took aim for 5-6 seconds, saw no movement and lowered the gun. “This darkness was some sort of natural phenomenon and its effect was that every time it appeared, every ‘living’ creature would become stronger afterwards.” He glanced at the blood corpse on the ground. “I suspect that the creature had already been strengthened once…Not just that creature. When we first encountered the darkness, every monster in the entire city that was not killed had been strengthened.

Long Aomin, Lonely and Loneliness then moved to Feng Bujue’s side. Long Aomin, without saying anything, readily handed “Mario’s pipe wrench” over and Feng Bujue readily accepted it as well. To the two of them it seemed as if that wasn’t too big of a deal.

Feng Bujue continued. “If we hadn’t killed the blood corpse when we did, there’s a chance it would have mutated once more in the darkness.”

“In that case, wouldn’t the difficulty of the level be too much of an overkill? If the darkness is going to appear a few more times, wouldn’t it be better if they overran the city with monsters instead?” Wang Tanzhi said.

“It is a change urging us to clear the level as soon as possible as the city is large and the monsters in the level aren’t concentrated, at least unlike the zombie movies, where they are everywhere… thus, the system uses this method to disallow players from leisurely searching for items in the city.” Feng Bujue said. “If time isn’t properly managed, not to mention the main quest, a monster that we may casually encounter a few hours later is going to be just as strong as the boss and wipe our team out with certainty.”

“Then what are we waiting for…let’s hurry…” Before Long Aomin could finish his words, Feng Bujue shook his head. “There’s still a need to determine the priority of things. Our plan remains unchanged.” He looked back at the direction of the police station. “Now that the monster has already been dealt with, there should definitely be some sort of rewards available, especially after going through such a ranked battle. We should first search the police station for equipment and try our best to arm everyone. Besides that, we will need to let brother Long recover some of his health.”

After saying that, Feng Bujue had walked a distance over to the broken wall in front of him. While taking out a broken flashlight from his inventory, he said: “I have a skill that can allow this faulty item to function normally for 3 minutes or so;however, it requires 100 stamina points. Since I had to hurry back and assist with the battle earlier, there was no time for me to do search further, and it was also inappropriate to use my stamina points freely before the battle. Thus, I did not use it.

Considering the limited light inside and how only one flashlight is available, I believe it’s best if I head in there alone still. If I managed to find other, more reliable lighting, I will come out and find you guys and then we can all go in and search.”

He turned his head and said: “Of course, it’s fine if someone wants to come in together with me right now, but you can only follow me and your line of sight could only move together with the area I’m illuminating.”

“There’s no need. All of us will wait here. Do you think we’re afraid that you would steal our equipment?” Long Aomin gave an unrestrained smile and directly sat cross-legged on the ground. “Just in time for me to rest a bit more and restore a bit of my health gauge.”

At that point, “Loneliest” no longer said anything. In the previous two sets of team survival mode that he and “Lonely” queued for, the higher ranked players didn’t protect nor care about them, let alone provide them with equipment. Yet now, “Big Brother Feng” here had specially came to this police station to get a hold of some equipment for the team. How could they possibly have any objections?

Feng Bujue had a brief exchange with the four of them using his eyes, nodded his head, and entered the hole in the wall once again. This time, however, he had a flashlight in his possession. After walking a few steps ahead, he used “Hasty Maintenance”. At the same time that 100 points were deducted from his stamina, a few two dimensional fragment-like matrix codes begun to appear on the flashlight. Following that, it rapidly changed and turned into its completely undamaged state.

Name: Flashlight
Type: Tool
Quality: Normal
Function: Illumination
Can it be taken out of the level: Yes
Note: Requires two D sized battery for it to work.

Although this device could be taken out of the level, there was not much use for it. That was because once Feng Bujue’s skill loses its effect, its quality would return to battered and not light up anymore. It was also not a plot item and could not turn into a picture card.

Moving ahead with a light source in his hand, Feng Bujue was very efficient in his search. Very soon, he found a very crucial object…


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