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As there wasn’t any power inside the police station, there were no lights on. But it wasn’t so dark that one couldn’t see their stretched out fingers. Moonlight came in through the windows that were facing the street, passed through the iron frames and penetrated the glass, barely illuminating a few areas. Obviously, that could only keep Feng Bujue from being completely lost; a vast majority of the places were still pitch black.

Feng Bujue passed the way he’d come in at a run . Firstly, that was to prevent the blood corpse from doing a 180 and re-entering the police station. Secondly, as that place was relatively brighter, the light shining in through the hole in the wall had illuminated a section of the corridor ahead of him.

The first floor was huge. As few areas were lit, Feng Bujue had difficulty quickly finding the staircase leading to the second floor. He groped his way forward in the dark surroundings, opening a door every time he touched a handle and checking for unlocked drawers in desks he came across. However, nothing substantial could be found.

Since his vision was limited, his remaining senses gradually became more sensitive. Soon, he caught whiff of a strong scent, a scent of blood…

Following the scent, he came to a pitch-black corner and reached out with his hand to feel the wall. The wall was slimy and, feeling down along the wall, he touched some sort of object that felt like…bone? Rotting flesh?

“Hmm…Had his head been wrenched off?…” Feng Bujue was touching a corpse with nothing above its neck. He had been feeling a section of the spine that had been exposed to the air .

“To think I thought that the people in this city had all disappeared without a trace…There’s actually a corpse here. Something strange is definitely going on in this police station.” Feng Bujue muttered to himself.

Touching a dead corpse did not scare him. On the contrary, Feng Bujue continued calmly to grope his way downwards. Needless to say, he wasn’t ascertaining the gender of the corpse but was trying to verify the deceased’s occupation through his or her clothes.

Feng Bujue quickly discovered a badge on the corpse’s clothes and instantly realized that they were a police uniform. Unable to hold himself back, he immediately began to search the body…  A few seconds later, he felt a gun holster. The inside was, unfortunately, empty. Along the arm of the corpse, he felt his way towards the hand, and, sure enough, he found a pistol in the right hand.

Name: M1191A1 Pistol

Type: Weapon

Quality: Normal

Attack Power: Medium

Attributes: None

Special Effects: None

Equipment Requirement: Shooting Specialization F or Mechanics Specialization F

Note: We are not shooting a movie here, so please remember three things: One, remove the safety before you fire; two, be mindful of the recoil; three, don’t forget to load the bullets.

Feng Bujue placed the gun into his inventory and continued to search the corpse. On the waist of the corpse, he found a flashlight. Feeling overjoyed, he picked it up and tried switching it on and off but no light appeared. He then felt around it with his hands, only to discover that the glass on the flashlight had already shattered.

Feng Bujue heaved a sigh. Compared to the pistol, he would rather the flashlight be usable as the blood corpse was a very good hint. Since the gun had been in that person’s hand, why had his brain still been wrenched off? Because it was evidently impossible to take the blood corpse using the pistol.

With the flashlight, Feng Bujue would had been able to speed up the weapon search. However, since he was still unable to clearly see his surroundings, he could only continue to grope and rummage in the dark. In the end, he had only pulled out a string of keys from the corpse’s pocket and could no longer find any other useful items.

Taking into consideration his time constraints and how the people outside couldn’t hold for much longer, Feng Bujue had no choice but to hurry back. Even if the gun could not kill the blood corpse, it was better than nothing. After all, it was a weapon meant for ranged attacks. The deceased police officer had indeed unable to kill the blood corpse with the gun alone, but after Feng Bujue went out, there would be three of them. With both short and long range covered with the knife, gun, shield, and wrench, there was a good chance that the blood corpse could be taken down.


Outside the police station, Long Aomin was unable to hold on for much longer…

Even though his blocking technique was good and he had blocked all the blood corpse’s claw attacks with his shield, his health had dropped from full to 64% over the last three minutes,. One can only say that the blood corpse’s offensive was really strong.

Over that period of time, Long Aomin had both attacked and retreated; in fact, he had only been hit a few times in total. Even if he had taken a hit, there was still a shield in between. The problem was the “Refraction” defensive attribute in “Ultron’s Shattered Fragment”. It would activate only when blocking long-range attacks and beam weapons. There was virtually no mitigating effects while pitting it against such ferocious close-quarter attack. When the blood corpse’s claws lashed out, the shield could ensure Long Aomin from being directly torn apart and also offset a portion of the impact, as for the remaining force however, he would have to rely on his health gauge and just take it.

The intelligence of the blood corpse was very low. Its attack pattern was very repetitive; it only waved its large hands at people and would not utilize its feet, elbows or any part at all. That was fortunate, as Long Aomin would had been killed 5 times over if it had been otherwise. Moreover, this blood corpse seemed to lock onto one target and hit continuously. No matter what Wang Tanzhi did to harass it, at best it would wave its hand and drive him away after being slashed, occasionally even brushing him aside.

This caused Wang Tanzhi to gradually become bolder and gave him the courage to take some riskier opportunities. Naturally, his attacks were of little effect. It was already fortunate for the fruit knife not to break while he used it to slash that monster,

Long Aomin had also made use of every opportunity that had arisen. He had used the pipe wrench to strike the blood corpse a few times. Only once, however, did he hit the head. Even though his offensive power was stronger than Wang Tanzhi’s knife scratches, Long Aomin had far fewer opportunities to attack; most of the time, he could only retreat and defend.

Back then, the first factor that Feng Bujue considered before handing the pipe wrench over to Long Aomin was not actually the chances where the latter would steal his equipment. The first thought that surfaced in his consciousness was…that only someone with Long Aomin’s height, carrying the pipe wrench, would be able to strike the head of the blood corpse. He and Wang Tanzhi’s height of 1.8 metres, so if they wished to use a short weapon like the pipe wrench to strike the head of a 2-metre-tall monster, they would have to get into the rhythm of jumping up and striking.

It was too strenuous even for Long Aomin. After all, the enemy’s offensive was concentrated on him. If he exposed himself  in order to bash its brain, there was a eighty-ninety percent chance that it might do more harm than good. Not to mention, Feng Bujue had told him before leaving that he would find a weapon as soon as possible, turn back, and lend a hand. Long Aomin had chosen to trust him, so he had to delay for as long as possible.

Bang! A gunshot rang out, announcing the return of Feng Bujue.

Everyone at the scene was relieved. It felt like, as long as he was back, a solution would definitely present itself. They had almost forgotten that Feng Bujue was merely a rank 5 character…

The moment the trigger was pulled, Feng Bujue had once again unlocked a specialization. This was already the third specialization he had unlocked after entering this level. Thus, one could say that Team Survival Mode was different; the increased number of occasions that required combat and the addition of diverse game elements had greatly expanded the structure of the level. There was plenty space for growth, especially for lower-ranked players. A round of team mode, even if not cleared, would eventually have some sort of reward.

At that moment, Feng Bujue already possessed 5 types of F rank specialization: general, mechanics, deductions, close-quarters combat and shooting. Only healing remained locked.

“Awoooooooo…” The blood corpse lifted its head and released a loud roar toward the skies. It seemed like that gunshot had injured it severely. It unexpectedly turned its head and changed its attack target.

Feng Bujue had hit the back of the blood corpse with that gunshot. He had made ample preparations before firing; both of his hands were holding the gun, his sight was level with the body of the gun and he was firmly aiming it through aligned sights. He was very self-aware that he hadn’t been born as some sort of special soldier in reality. If he could aim and even hit the enemy’s head holding a gun for the first time, he would have changed his name to “Gary Stu”. Thus, he had decided to aim at the back of the blood corpse as that was a larger target and easier to hit.

After all, this was a game. Adjustments were made by the system to these purely technical weapons to prevent players from having difficulty in using them after acquiring them. Thus, the first bullet that Feng Bujue shot out had successfully struck the right-hand side of the blood corpse’s back.

After firing that gunshot, Feng Bujue immediately realized the meaning behind the second point of the note for the gun.  Indeed, firing such a weapon was really not something an untrained civilian could casually pull off. Take for example, the Desert Eagle that everyone knew. If no one had ever informed them to stiffen their wrists when firing a gun and that to straighten their elbows so as to allow their shoulders to withstand the recoil, chances are their wrists would have snapped when firing that shot. Another example would be the actions a hoodlum take while holding up his gun in a gangster film. He would hold the barrel of the gun sideways, the position of his hand above his line of sight and aiming it at someone’s head. It might look rather ruthless, but in reality these sort of movements could probably cause the ejected bullet shell to pierce his eyes.

The recoil of the M1911A1 that was in Feng Bujue’s hand was not small. After firing, he felt his forearm turn numb. Fortunately, his shooting posture was not too absurd and his wrist was not that fragile. With the experience of that first shot in hand, it was much easier to carry on. He had some notion towards its attack range, his precision, chances of success, etc. However, when faced with the blood corpse that had turned and charged at him, he still retreated without hesitation.

When the blood corpse turned its head, Long Aomin was filled with spirit. Over the period he was getting ruthlessly beaten up till now, he had long seen through its modus operandi. This monster would not easily change its target. Since it had now gone after Feng Bujue, it would ignore him before he made his attack.

The anger that had been suppressed in Long Aomin’s heart for a long time erupted. In a leap, he drew back the pipe wrench and violently smashed it towards the back of the blood corpse’s head. However, only a muffled “bang” sound rang out; that was the sound of the metal puncturing the blood and flesh and arriving directly at the skull.  A piece of the back of the blood corpse’s head had been smashed through, forming a hideous wound. The inside of the skull had also cracked, revealing a narrow and long gap.

However, the monster’s actions did not stop, instead it raged even more. Its speed had unexpectedly surged. With a turn of its body, it sent a claw towards Long Aomin. This strike was sudden and Long Aomin was unable to block with his shield. His waist was struck and his entire body was flipped away in an inverted manner. A sweet taste rose to his throat. He spat out a mouthful of blood.

Long Aomin flew back a distance of almost ten meters. His health gauge had instantaneously fallen to 12%, and he wasn’t able to stand up for some time. The only thing worth rejoicing about was that the claws of the blood corpse did not come into contact with his body since he being too close to it. When it turned its body and swung its arm, only the arm had hit Long Aomin, so he did not have any lacerations on his body. If not, Long Aomin would also had to endure the effects of the “bleeding” status.

The blood corpse clutched the wounds on the back of its head with both of its hands and let out a stream of miserable roars. A few seconds later, it stared ferociously at Long Aomin and let out a furious roar that was like a beast scaring off its prey. Apparently, the damage caused by the pipe wrench’s smash had been pretty considerable, to let the mini boss feel like it was in peril.

Lonely and Loneliness saw that even brother Long had collapsed and knew that things were taking a turn for the worse. The two of them ran up to Long Aomin immediately to support him with their arms and wanted to take him away from the vicinity of the blood corpse. But how could the blood corpse allow them to escape? It immediately took huge steps towards the three of them, who were moving slowly.

At that point, no one would had expected that such a scene would took place. A figure, who was like a strong gale or a flash of lightning, leapt forward and, in top speed, reached the rear side of the blood corpse. Stretching out his hands, he grabbed one of its shoulder , and with a push, he easily leaped to the back of the blood corpse. Retracting both of his knees, he then kneeled on the shoulders of the monster.

Wang Tanzhi could be described as someone who didn’t stand out, but once he did something, his actions would shake the world. Using just a knife, he stabbed into the wound that Long Aomin had just made by smashing with the pipe wrench. With the tip of the knife piercing through its skull, he randomly stirred the brains of the blood corpse continuously, almost as if he was playing around with a toy.


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