Terror Paradise Chapter 16

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“Name: Sloppy Maintenance”
“Technique card properties: Passive Technique, permanent”
“Technique category: Mechanic”
“Effect: Temporarily raises a machine creation of rubbish or battered quality to normal quality for three minutes. “
“Cost: 100 Stamina points”
“Learning Prerequisite: Mechanic Specialization F”
“Note: As everyone knows, the founder of the noble company “Rotten Apple” was called a goblin inventor, an industry pioneer, and an entrepreneur. Mr Steve Jobs had also done repair work in his youth. This is what he wrote in his epitaph— “Only an amateur would try to thoroughly repair an object.” In order to allow more people to understand these words, he even placed his company logo(an apple with a bite missing) on his tombstone.“

Feng Bujue always had bad luck in games and getting this technique at random was a very good representation of that. At low levels, techniques such as “Exploding God’s Fist” with very low learning prerequisites and costs and have a limited number of uses can help the players out greatly.

And this “Sloppy Maintenance” belongs to the type… of technique players would consider optional, even if their skill column had room after reaching level 20.

Meaningless effect, high cost. The worst thing was, the target it was intended to work with was a “Machine creation”. If this technique could be used on any kind of equipment, it might still have some value. For example, suppose a player picked up a rusty iron pipe of battered quality. In a situation where he had sufficient stamina points, he might be able to use the skill to turn it into a normal quality iron pipe, which would raise his power by a little bit.

However, reality was very cruel. This technique could only be used on machines. Feng Bujue considered how many situations the skill could be used… if he were to pick up a faulty chainsaw… then spent 100 stamina points to operate it for 3 minutes, it would, on the contrary, be pretty worth it; Assuming he was to drive a scrapped car on a full bar, making full use of the time, reactivating it every few seconds before the technique ceased to work, the car would be able to travel normally for nearly 15 minutes.

But those were all assumptions. It’s very difficult to say whether a vehicle would really be affected by this skill. Besides, large objects in the background such as vehicles cannot be considered “items”, and players are unable to check their properties.

In any case, this skill would not fetch a high price even if he kept it until the beta, so Feng Bujue learned it. It was immediately added into his skill column. He then came to the front of the second glass pillar and a system prompt appeared:

“Please choose your bonus reward: One, a chance to get an item of equipment corresponding to your rank. Two, 5000 game coins. Three, 200 experience points.”

Without any hesitation, Feng Bujue chose equipment. To begin with, the latter two options were completely unnecessary at this stage. Besides, he didn’t believe that he would get a second “rock” when he was already level 5 and had nothing besides a useless ability and a plastic syringe.

White light started to converge and began to form into something. A white silhouette of a piece of equipment began to slowly appear inside the glass pillar. Before it was fully formed, Feng Bujue was confident, just by looking at the silhouette, that this time there was a good chance for it to be a weapon.

“Name: Mario’s pipe wrench”
“Type: Weapon”
“Quality: Superior”
“Attack Power: Medium”
“Attribute: Fire”
“Special Effect: When the head of a human or humanoid enemy is hit, there is a high chance that it will cause some serious damage.”
“Note: The master of this pipe wrench is very famous. He was called a plumber, yet he never fixed a pipe. He simply went into and out of pipes and jumped around here and there, spending his whole day busily fighting the forces of evil, saving the kingdom, finding the princess and whatnot. Occasionally, he would turn himself into a frog, racoon, or even a Jizo statue. At times, he would even shoot fireballs, throw hammers… but he never, emphasis on “never”, used this tool, a must for plumbing related work. This angered the pipe to the point that it hit the roof. It wants to prove that a pipe wrench is totally usable for combat!”

“The way this world looks at things is truly fascinating…” Even though Feng Bujue ranted after reading its attributes, he was pretty happy in his heart. No matter how bizarre the content in the “Note” column was, the other attributes of this equipment were, at any rate, pretty good.

After walking back to the elevator, Wang Tanzhi’s communication request appeared on the screen. When Feng Bujue tapped and accepted his invitation, he simultaneously sent out a party invitation. “How’s it going? Have you reached rank 5 yet?”

Wang Tanzhi replied. “Ah, the experience I received was just enough. What about you, brother Jue?”

In the buddy list, one could only see another’s nickname and their current status, rank was not shown. However, at the moment that Wang Tanzhi asked that question, because he had accepted the party’s invitation, the party status menu appeared on the screen. Thus, he was able to see Feng Bujue’s current rank.

“As I thought, you reached it. Did you get any equipment, brother Jue?” Wang Tanzhi said. “I used up the final shot of God’s fist. Before I left the level, I also found a piece of armor, in addition to the fruit knife which I started with.”

“Let’s leave these aside for now… in the level you were in earlier, did you use a key when you reached the last area?” Feng Bujue said.

“Ah? Yes I did. How do you know?” Wang Tanzhi replied.

“How did you get the key?” Feng Bujue said again.

Wang Tanzhi froze for a moment after hearing these words, then replied, “I was at the final part of the level and found a key lying on the floor in front of the exit door. Even now, I still don’t understand what happened… I was originally not going to make it, my health and stamina were running low and something was chasing at a distance. I didn’t expect to pick up a key and open the door in such a place to clear the level just like that. He paused for a moment. “Eh, brother Jue, don’t tell me you know the reason? Did such a scenario happen in your level too?”

Feng Bujue replied. “How could that be… My level was very tough, and as for the situation on your end… I bet the system believed that, factoring in your intelligence, picking up the key to unlock the door was already a puzzle to solve, therefore you received such an option.”

“This sort of puzzle is made for gorillas!” Wang Tanzhi cried.

Feng Bujue smiled. He’d only made the joke to divert the conversation elsewhere. “Have you finished with your preparations? Is there anything you need to do before we begin queuing for Team Survival Mode?

“No problems on my end, go ahead and queue,” Wang Tanzhi replied.

Feng Bujue manipulated the touch screen and very quickly called up the matchmaking menu. Since the two of them had reached rank 5, the modes they were able to access had changed. Single Player Survival Mode(Normal) and Team Survival Mode(Normal) were currently displayed in the menu.

Training mode had already been closed and the option to select it had turned invisible, while single player mode was currently greyed out and unselectable.

“Feng Bujue, Rank 5.”
“Wang Tanzhi, Rank 5.”
“Please choose the game mode that your party will enter.”
“You have selected Team Survival Mode(Normal), please confirm.”
“Confirmed, the number of people in the team has been randomly generated: 5 people.”
“Your party has entered the queue, currently searching for other individuals or teams…”
“Matchmaking completed, currently syncing mind-link connections, generating level…”
“Loading, please wait for a moment.”

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  1. Wow, how is that a trash skill. *##@*¥€£#*!
    It said a machine creation.
    Machine is created due to low to ?? Technology level.
    It means he can,example a trashed quality minimum (obviously quality lowered than trashed is not included) with ammo into normal working minimum to a fling 5 story tall robot or even a space battle ship! (Maybe there will be size limitations?)
    Is basically a legendary skill or limited God tier or even a ‘unique’ skill.

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