Quick Update! And Terror Paradise Chapter 17 teaser!~

Hi everyone, I understand I have been away for a while(2 months it seems) and I am really sorry about it. A ton of real-life commitments just came by and before I knew it, 2 months have passed. Rest assured, I will continue to translate Terror Paradise and as I promised before, I will never give it up.

Back again to TP, currently I have been aiming to a page a day, and I am about 66~% done with Chapter 17. What I am going to show you now is the unpred version of it. As always, I am looking for PRs so if you think you could help me out, please send me an email at animetelebi@gmail.com. Please, please, please make sure you have Skype or IRC and have tons of spare time(patience too!), as the way I translate is pretty peculiar.

Anyway, with further ado, here’s a sneak peak at Chapter 17!(Partially PRed)

Chapter 17 – The eerie cinephile’s city arc(Part 1)

His vision plunging into darkness and temporarily unable to open the game’s menu, Feng Bujue realised after staring into space for a short period that he was no longer in his original standing posture, but now sitting in what seemed to be some sort of hard-backed chair.

“Welcome to Terror Paradise.” The random voice that came out this time sounded very common and felt like the voice of an ordinary teenager. However, the tone of the sentence sounded as strange as before.

“Loading is complete, you are currently playing team survival mode(normal).”
“This mode provides an introduction to the level and divergent/hidden missions and special subplots have a chance to appear.”
“Rewards for clearing the level: An additional 80% of level clear base experience in the reward calculation screen”
“The level introduction will now play, after which the game will immediately start.”

The CG transitioned directly in front of Feng Bujue’s eyes, it felt like he was wearing a pair of sunglasses able to play movies. At the same time, the corresponding explanation began to echo in his ears.

“This is a bustling modernized metropolis, just like all the major cities in the world today: high rise buildings standing in great numbers, heavy traffic, densely packed population, stale air quality…”

Following the voice’s narration, the images were shown in front of him as if they were fast forwarded. However, they were just very ordinary pictures of streets.

“Until one night, the sun sets, never to rise again. Behind the dark clouds, the elusive moonlight illuminates the dead silent and lonely city.”

The screen in front of Feng Bujue dimmed swiftly, until it turned pitch-black. A few seconds later, some of the lights returned once more, which was just the right amount of brightness for an eclipse. There were still some light sources in the city, but it wasn’t the right amount of brightness that a bustling city should have. Looking down from this perspective, he was able to see a lot of stationary vehicles on the city’s streets. However, there was not a single pedestrian in sight, nor was there any moving object…

“You open your eyes and find yourself currently sitting in the last train which you board often. You will soon realize, the few strangers around you including yourself…are the only survivors in this city.”

After that sentence reached his ears, Feng Bujue felt only a bright light strike his eyes. With his senses and the ability to open the game menu restored, it seemed that the game had begun.
He was indeed sitting in a moving train. The scenery outside the window were passing by at high speed, turning into horizontal lines. Raising his head, he was able to see Xiao Tan sitting nearby. Not surprisingly, there were also 3 other passengers in this carriage.

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